When producing a music video, I start by sharing the inspiration that emerges from the song, along with information about the musician's vision and other details through dialogue. I then commence with the animation production. By combining stop-motion animation and digital animation, I aim to create a distinctive visual style while further enhancing the imagery conveyed by the song.
'Miss Yesterday'  Oslo Twins, 03:57, 2023
'Help'  Ross Plain, 03:52, 2022 - Fence Records
'Kitto Kawaranai Iro'  Sasanomaly, 03:44, 2022 - Sony Music Associated Records 
'You Are Not An Island'  Vanishing Twin, 07:37, 2019 - Fire Records
'Intimate Immensity'  TOMAGA, 04:44, 2021 - Hands In The Dark Records
'THEY GAVE ALL'  M A R A S, 06:39, 2021
'Ashita Tenki'  TOTA, 04:14, 2021 - Rainbow Entertainment/Reca Records
'Phase One Million' Vanishing Twin, 05:29, 2021 - Fire Records
'Florian'  am8 Ft. HANA + KAORI TAKEDA, 04:13, 2020
Any inquiries at mail [at] norikookaku.com 
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