Screened at:
online exhibition at Sa Kada Liso, May Paglaum (FB page), 
co-project by KATARINA (Philippines) and ASAKUSA (Tokyo)

Try to circulate things based on personal value criteria, not money.
(We exchanged the parsley sauce.)

more detail can be read this link

We live in a solid system based on the value of money, but what happens if the circulation of the society that used to revolve around the value of money and becomes unstable? What if we had a system of exchange in which each person could decide the value of his or her own money, and both parties would accept it? (I predict it would be “full of compassion.”) 


Our favourite parsley paste was swapped for the recipient's favourite ingredient. Then, in order to circulate the process, we devised a new recipe using the exchanged ingredients and went to round two. In round two, we exchanged our new recipe of brown sauce for the recipient's favourite book and the project is still going on.

DAY1-4 Video can be watched at the end of this page↓
Text and image for Li Li Ren’s zine project in China
Text and image for Li Li Ren’s zine project in China
中国のLi Li Ren氏のZineプロジェクト用のテキストとイメージ。
中国のLi Li Ren氏のZineプロジェクト用のテキストとイメージ。
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