SS14 Iron Dualism / Image Characters Tetsuo Tetsuko
SS14 Iron Dualism / Image Characters Tetsuo Tetsuko

ROGGYKEI 2014 S/S and A/W Iron Dualism Character Design and 1min animation(2014)

1 minute loop animation video was projected onto a blanc T-shirts to show the process of how TETSUO&TETSUKO were made alongside of ROGGYKEI Show room exhibition in 2014​​​​​​​

Text traced of my grandfather's diary in 1945
Text traced of my grandfather's diary in 1945
The installation was taking place underneath of a table
The installation was taking place underneath of a table
An image extract from the animation
An image extract from the animation
An image extract from the animation
An image extract from the animation
1945  Mixed media installation with  05'44", HD Animation (2014)
Exhibited at Unlocking the diary, Folkstone Art Fringe 30 Aug - 2 Nov2014, curated by Eiko Honda 
Unlocking diaries is an invaluable means of understanding people who are no longer alive. I have no memory of my grandfather, as he passed away 32 years ago. To read a diary is to trace a person's personality, and in the process to reflect on oneself. By reading my grandfather's diaries from 1945, the year the second world war ended, I have attempted to put myself into the picture of the man I discovered and to recover a part of my heritage that has long since disappeared. The diaries showed a sense of humour and compassion for his family, which I found timeless and moving. “1945” is an installation piece, which incorporates  animation video and objects. The phantasmagoric animation uses  fragments from Ryoichi’s diary – fragments in which I found empathy but also opposition. The objects are reconstructions of objects  mentioned in the diary. They are placed in front of the screen to part-obscure it The audience has to move around, make an effort to see the screen and to understand what it shows. This feeling of obstacle is intended  to represent the experience of reading a diary – of having access to words not intended  for the gaze of  others. The diary occupies a symbolic space, demanding the reader imaginatively reconstruct  meaning . However, we may never be sure of fully grasping  the author’s real intentions.
€urovisions: looking at Europe from the migrant's perspective - Performance part Extract (2014)
This project is a collaboration between Karol Rakowski (PL), Noriko Okaku (JP/UK), Farah Rahman (NL) and Malaventura (SP) with the mentoring by The Light Surgeons. Coordinated by Pedro & Benito Jiménez from ZEMOS98 (SP) Documentalists: Lucas Tello (SP), Nagehan Uskan (TK) & David Sypniewski (PL). Live Cinema Collaboration with European Souvenirs €urovisions – a live cinema performance by European Souvenirs – is part of Remapping Europe – a Remix Project, an investigative artistic project by Doc Next Network with activities that stem from one underlying principle: re-mixing of media as a method to re-view, re-investigate and re-consider prevailing imagery of migrants in European societies. €urovisions is partly drawing on the material generated in the Remapping Europe workshops.

MIRROR BY MIRROR by Sergei Sviatchenko and Noriko Okaku (As NOW AND TOMORROW), HD video, 14:41 (2013)
Winner of The Lucca Film Festival, Toscana,Italy 2013 Juried by Peter Greenaway

The idea was to create the connections of fragments between private, unconscious and existence and to show how important those flashes of feelings, which give us all nourishment of our unified imagery. Each fragment of the film, united rhythmically, acquires the quality of the composition at a final climax. The climax occurs after the collision of internal and external spaces, light and shadow, and while overcoming obstacles. These collisions and overcomes are a sensual base of catharsis.


The Great Intruder of memory, 00'30" (2013) Commissioned by Magmart, Spain

benennen (2012) 01'23" extract from "benennen" 18:00 
Commissioned and shown at CAMP '12 residency, Stuttgart, Germany, 6th - 13th Aug 2012 
This piece is about distorting language and sounds. A verbal artist and a Horn player are performing in front of the screen.

Patrick Wolf / The Falcons MV (2012)

Space Shower TV Idents - Canvas 2.0 (2012)

The Allegory of Mrs. Triangle, Mixed Media + Video, 06:31 (2011) Created during the residency at Open Workshop, Denmark
Solo Exhibition at: Red Gallery, London UK
Screened at: Animate Open UK, Swedenborg Short Film Festival UK, Alpha-Ville Festival at MUBI online, Secret Garden Party, Huntingdon, UK and more

JOYZ / ERECTOROPIA MV (2011) Winner for Best Music Video Award, Ottawa International Animation Festival, Canada

Peace Starts With Me by Noriko Okaku, 01'08" (2011) Commissioned by PUMA.peace for the World Peace Festival 2011

The Resolution of the Congress 1962, 01'45" (2010) Collaged sounds experiment

Something in between memories 04:19 (2010)
Screened at: Magmart, International videoart festival, Italy,  P'Silo, Festival Images Contre Nature, France and VideoHolica, Bulgaria all in 2010
This is an animated journal. Pictures were taken in Ulm, Germany and Paris France. Different colours fill spaces in between objects by drawn animation. This film is about not only keeping memories but also experimenting the other ways of seeing things.
/\/\/\, 31'00" (2009) 3-Screen Live Animation Performance, Collaboration with Max Hattler
Won the award for Best Audiovisual Performance at Videofestival Bochum, Germany

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