That Long Moonless Chaseは、京都の民話とイギリスのシェフィールドの民話をベースに、ミックスメディア・アニメーションとバリトンサックスによる電子サウンドトラックを使ったライブAVパフォーマンスです。私たち(尾角典子とHelen Papaioannou)はこの作品を英国内で上演し、現在、日本での上演の機会を探しています。

That Long Moonless Chase, is a live AV performance using mixed media animation, & live electronic sound track with baritone saxophone, based on an exchange between a folk tale from Kyoto, Japan and one from Sheffield, UK. We (Noriko Okaku & Helen Papaioannou) have performed the work across the UK, and we are now looking for opportunities to perform in Japan.


尾角典子は映像制作と映像のライブ操作を、Helen Papaioannouは音楽制作とボイス、サックスのライブ演奏を担当しています。
The term *live audio visual performance is used to
describes something that focuses on what is happening now through live editing and performance of sound and images. It is characterised by its ephemeral nature, the use of technology for production and performance, and the dynamic participation of performers and audience. For lack of a better term, we call it live audio-visual performance, but our aim is to create an element of live cinema that emphasises content that is more focused on the audience's experience than the presentation of technology that live audio-visual performances generally favour.

Noriko Okaku produces the video and operates it live, while Helen Papaioannou produces the music, voices and plays the saxophone live.

The work uses British and Japanese folklore to illustrate the relationship and alternation between words (concepts) and images (abstractions).​​​​​​​

The continuous exchange of words between different languages through online translation engines/sites disrupts the meaning and sound of words and gives us the opportunity to consider where true mutual understanding takes place.

予告編映像 Trailer (2022 Version)

(1864年のシェフィールドの大洪水や18世紀の京都の天明の大火など。また、これらの物語の多文化的起源(例えば、シェフィールドの『Gabriel Hounds』は英国外に由来する民間伝承の分派である)についても考察した。)



Our work highlights the historical importance and folkloric legacy of two landmarks which still stand today, Honganji Temple & Sheffield Cathedral, through revisiting the visual/soundscapes of these sites in our present day photos & field recordings (which are embedded within the animation & music), and considering how folklore surrounding these sites connect to contemporary events at the time of the tales (e.g. Sheffield's great flood of 1864, and Kyoto's disastrous fire in 18th century) and also the multicultural origins of these stories (e.g. Gabriel Hounds is an offshoot from folklore deriving outside of the UK).
We were interested in how the sights, sounds & myths of specific sites might conjure ideas in the imagination emanating from features of the surroundings, as well as the collective memory of what has come before. We took photographs of the sites, and also audio recordings of this and other notable 'haunted' sites at the centre of ghost stories from the same era in the UK. These recordings were woven into the musical materials, characterising the acoustic space throughout the piece as a way both to connect to the past, but also link it to present day experiences of the site. Similarly, a present-day recording of monks chanting at Honganji temple inspired the drone-based music and rhythms.

Interest in the interweaving of factual events & folk tales - which we can't say are imagined or not -in literary works that we found a written text, but also in the oral traditions of storytelling which run through generations. Today, the processes of passing on stories is particularly active and influential within digital culture, especially social media: while the medium & tools are different, many aspects remain the same.

And we also reflected on the mirroring of folk stories across cultures, noting the way that misunderstandings, cultural and/or linguistic has propagated different variations of tales between cultures, not for better or worse, it's just something that continues to grow.

That Long Moonless Chase / その長い月のない追跡 は、イギリスのシェフィールドと日本の京都に伝わる二つの民話をベースに、不吉なフォークホラーと幻想的な神話のイメージをマッシュアップしたパフォーマンスである。アニメーション作家の尾角典子と作曲家・パフォーマーのHelen Papaioannouのコラボレーションで、ミクストメディアのアニメーションとエレクトロニクス、ボイスレコーディング、バリトンサックスを中心としたライブ音楽、Başar Ünderのサウンドデザインサンプルがベースになっています。この作品は、シェフィールドの「ガブリエル・ハウンド」と京都の「水吹き銀杏」という二つの古い民話のテキストを使い、これらの都市で起こった歴史的な出来事と、世代や文化を超えた語りのプロセスに焦点を合わせています。 日本語と英語のテキストがオンライン翻訳エンジンを通してループすることで、物語間のやり取りが仲介され、様々な翻訳の繰り返しに基づいて伝説が奇妙で壮大な新しい神話に歪められる。 その過程で、イメージ(表現)と言語(意味)の間のリンクが崩れ、これらのシンボルは視覚と聴覚の両方で意味的な意味を失います。

'The performance of That Long Moonless Chase / その長い月のない追跡 is a mash up sinister folk horror and fantastic mythological imagery based on two folk tales passed down in Sheffield, UK and Kyoto, Japan. A collaboration between animator Noriko Okaku and composer & performer Helen Papaioannou, the performance is based on mixed media animation and live music based around electronics, voice recordings & baritone saxophone, including sound design samples by Başar Ünder. The piece uses two old folk tale texts, the Gabriel Hounds in Sheffield and the water weeping Gingko Tree in Kyoto, and focuses on historical events that took place in these cities and the processes of storytelling both across generations and cultures. The exchange between the tales is mediated by the looping of the Japanese and English texts through online translation engines, warping the legends into a bizarre and spectacular new mythology based around the various translation iterations. In the process, the link between image (representation) and language (meaning) is broken down, as these symbols lose their semantic meaning, both in sight and sound.

Tech Spec PDF can be downloaded here

Commissioned by Sensoria Festival, UK
Sensoria Festival Oct, 2021
Cardiff Made, Cardiff May 2022
Cobalt Studios, Newcastle, June 2022
Wharf Chambers, Leeds, August 2022
Cafe Oto, London, August 2022

Planned Performance
24th February 2023, Watermans, London
25th February 2023, The Cube, Bristol
That Long Moonless Chase / その長い月のない追跡
Tech Spec

Helen Papaioannou (music)
Noriko Okaku (animation) 

This is an AV performance: it's more important to prioritise the clarity & visibility of Noriko's video than us being centre stage, so we're happy to perform on the sides or off the stage if needed. Our two tables need to be close enough together so that we can connect our laptops via a MIDI cable & interface.

Noriko will bring:
- Laptop
- MIDI Controllers
- USB-C adapter to HDMI. Video resolution will be 1920x1080
Noriko will need:
- projector & screen(or wall if video can be seen clearly) in suitably dark space
- HDMI cable that can reach the projector (we will both be playing from the stage) - Power extension
- Table

Laptop - Eng mixer (outputs 1&2 from soundcard)
Sax - laptop –– Eng mixer (outputs 3&4 from soundcard)
Helen will bring:
- Laptop
- Soundcard
- MIDI foot pedalboard - MIDI controller - Baritone saxophone - Clip-on mic
Helen will need:
- 4 x jacks from soundcard – Eng mixer
- DI for 2 x stereo outputs
- Power extension
- Table big enough for laptop, soundcard, monitor & MIDI controllers
- 1 x HDMI splitter BOX: we need to send 1 source to 2 destinations simultaneously (the main projector & the additional monitor for Helen). - 1 monitor that can connect with HDMI
- 1 x HDMI cable to connect the splitter box and the monitor (must be long enough)

The monitor is for Helen to be able to see Noriko’s animation. We welcome other solutions 
e.g. second projection onto the wall, if this works better for you
If preferred I can send the dry signal from my sax to the desk, to be passed back to me as an input to my soundcard (though not necessary).

We would need a sound engineer & possible visual technician

That Long Moonless Chase / その長い月のない追跡

Helen Papaioannou (音楽)
Noriko Okaku (アニメーション) 



MIDI コントローラー
USB-C / HDMIアダプター ビデオ解像度 1920x1080pix


ラップトップ - ENGミキサー(サウンドカードから1&2出力)
サックス - ラップトップ -- ENGミキサー(サウンドカードから3&4出力)

MIDIフットペダルボード - MIDIコントローラー
バリトンサックス -クリップオンマイク

サウンドカードから4 x ジャック- ENGミキサー
DI for 2 x ステレオ出力
 1 x HDMI スプリッター : 1つのソースを2つのデスティネーション(メインプロジェクターとヘレン用追加モニター)に同時に送信する必要があります。 

*モニターはヘレンが演奏中のアニメーションを見ることができるようにするためです。他のソリューションも歓迎します。 例えば、壁に第二のプロジェクションを投影することもできます。


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