Performed at:
 Kyoto Experiment Fringe 2019, Kyoto Art Hostel Kumagusuku, Oct 19-20 
This work further expands on the concept of From where you are, which was presented at the VOCA exhibition. The characters in the work actually appear in the real world, while the audience surrounds them to view the events from their own perspectives.
この作品は、VOCA展(2019)で発表した「From where you are」のコンセプトをさらに掘り下げたものです。作品の登場人物は実際に現実の世界に現れ、観客はその周りを取り囲み各々の目線から出来事を鑑賞する。

Performed at Kyoto Art Hostel Kumagusuku as part of KYOTO EXPERIMENT Fringe 2019

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