Performed at:
River Side Studio, London, Apr 2019
Invisibledrum​​​​​​​ conference, Trondheim, Norway, Feb 2020

A face-to-face performance using dice. Based on the numbers on the dice, letters are composed and an oracle is received.

Scientist has been accumulating their knowledge to explore the mystery of the universe.
‘God doesn’t throw dice’ is the most famous quote by Albert Einstein when he was resisting the fundamental concept of Quantum Mechanics that the universe are totally random.

However, we can argue what is the definition of ‘random’?
Being random can be adopted in the format of ‘being random’. What if the randomness has been already predestined by the universe to be appeared randomly? Even all the events happens randomly neither predestined, phenomenon is just only a phenomenon. We humans have unique quirks and tendencies, memory and imagination, and this enable us to assign a meaning to phenomenon.

God doesn’t throw dice is a one to one performance which intends to reveal the recipient’s imagination and ability of composing a personal narratives out of randomly composed sentences.
Accidental numbers indicates to build a sentence according to which number recipient has throw. God doesn’t throw dice asks the recipient to take action of interpreting the experience.

Method :
Ask the recipient to throw 5 dice
Pick 5 worlds from 5 boxes. The dice indicates which boxes the recipient should pick words from.
Line up the words to make a sentence.
The recipient receive his/her unique sentence and being asked what it means to him/her.

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