Itotoshi Tenoito [existing as intention / yarn] (2022) Installation, Wool yarn 2300g
*Exhibition venue under reconstruction as an important element.
Using the leftover yarn from the knit production, Gushiken weaves a single [yarn] following the sensations of his hands, without any restrictions, and gradually a knit-like shape emerges. Okaku captures words that comes to mind as the [intention] to be conveyed, and forms a meandering letter-like curve with the single yarn, like a spell. Both unraveliable and disappearable when pulled. There is a very ephemeral, meaningless, state of being there. At the same time, however, if inspiration arises from a shift in perception, the woven yarn became to have various possibilities in their unrestricted form, and the hidden intention instantly takes on meaning.
「いととし てのいと」  (2022) インスタレーション、ウール糸 2300g
Word is such a wondrous thing.
What comes out in your mind when you hear the word ‘ITO’?
*There are many words in Japanese that have the same pronounciation but different meanings. In here, ‘ito’ as intention and yarn. Intention arises before it is phenomenalised as a word and as a thing. It is like the process of inspiration taking shape, like kneading clay.
The form of an in-process thing is always fluid and fragile, easy to unravel
(however, at the same time, anything can instantly become a finished product if we want it).
We emerge the state of ‘Itotoshi Tenoito’ [existing as intention / yarn] in the split moment of time before monade contemporary takes shape.
―Noriko Okaku Kota Gushiken

言葉とは不思議なものである。 「いと」と聞くと何を思い浮かべますか? 
単子現代もスペースになろうとしている。 その一瞬の合間に、「いととし てのいと」も出現します。
―尾角典子 具志堅幸太

For the pre-opening event of the event gallery space, monade contemporary is happy to present Itotoshi Tenoito [existing as intention / yarn] by filmmaker Noriko Okaku and knitwear designer Kota Gushiken. Turning her attention to living with others in various situations, Okaku has expressed the awareness of identity and the possibility or intention to inspire mutual understanding with others through animation, performance, installation, and other media. Inspired by his own experiences and conversations with friends, Gushiken has been designing and making knitwear from a single string of yarn, giving form to the warmth of daily life with an ingenious point of view. How can it, an intention, or a yarn as Japanese "ito" indicates something intangible, be born with, or loved by the hand? Please come and join us for a faint precursor to the work, the clothing, or the space that unfolds.
monade contemporary | 単子現代では、当イベント・ギャラリー・スペースのプレオープニング・イベン トとして、映像作家の尾角典子とニットデザイナーの具志堅幸太による「いととし てのいと」を開催しま す。尾角典子はこれまでさまざまな状況にある他者との暮らしに目を向け、アニメーション、パフォーマン ス、インスタレーションなどによって、アイデンティティへの自覚や他者との相互理解を促す可能性、ある いは意図を表現してきました。また、具志堅は自身の体験や友人との会話などをもとに、ニットウェアを1 本の糸から一つひとつ手で編みながら、暮らしの温もりを斬新な視線とともにかたちにしてきました。 いと、意図あるいは糸はどのようにして手とともに、生まれ、あるいは愛しまれうるのでしょうか。作品や 衣服、あるいは空間が立ち現れる前のかすかな予兆にお立ち会いください。

7 - 9 May / Curated by monade contemporary feat. Savor Words Café LAKE Mizuumi
2022年 5月7日~9日 企画: monade contemporary|単子現代(モナド・コンテンポラリー) feat. ことばを食べるカフェみずうみ 
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