Zine House at Marunouchi House, Tokyo, Japan 2018
Hills Zine Market at Roppongi Hills A/D Store, Tokyo, Japan 2017
Here is ZINE Tokyo 15 at Tokyo Cultuart by BEAMS, Japan 2017 

I was in Moscow this Spring for my other project. Luckily, I had a day off - So I decided to visit The State of Tretyakov Gallery for my first time. The gallery was very large and full of interesting Russian art, mainly paintings. This place was very touristic. Lots of visitors were taking pictures as if they try to acknowledge to themselves that they have been there. I decided to take some notes of the names of the paintings instead of taking pictures. This is an imagined catalogue of The State of Tretyakov Gallery, which has been illustrated by recalling the original titles. I am interested in the relations between memory and imagination. I think they are coming from the same place. In this sense, I think I can say whatever you imagine is equivalent to what you remember from looking at your old pictures.
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