Zine House at Marunouchi House, Tokyo, Japan 2018
Hills Zine Market at Roppongi Hills A/D Store, Tokyo, Japan 2017
Here is ZINE Tokyo 15 at Tokyo Cultuart by BEAMS, Japan 2017 

I was in Moscow this spring for another project. Fortunately, I had a day off, so I decided to visit The State Tretyakov Gallery for the first time. The gallery was quite extensive, primarily showcasing Russian art, particularly paintings. It was a highly touristy place, with many visitors taking pictures, almost as if they try to acknowledge to themselves that they have been there. Instead of taking pictures, I chose to make notes of the names of the paintings. 

This piece is an imagined catalog of The State Tretyakov Gallery, illustrated by recalling the original titles of the paintings. I am particularly interested in exploring the relationship between memory and imagination, as I believe they originate from the same source. In this sense, I believe that what you imagine is equivalent to what you remember when looking at your old photographs.
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