The continuous exchange of words between different languages through online translation disrupts the meaning and sound of words and gives us the opportunity to consider where true mutual understanding takes place.
オンライン翻訳によって異なる言語間で継続的に行われる言葉のやりとりは、言葉の意味や響き を崩壊させ、真の相互理解とはどこで行われているのかという事を考える機会を私たちに与えてく れるのです。

That Long Moonless Chase / その長い月のない追跡 Trailer 01:17

In a mash-up of sinister folk-horror and fantastical mythical imagery, That Long
Moonless Chase / その長い月のない追跡 is a surreal audio-visual performance based on two folkloric legends from Sheffield and Kyoto. The performance is a collaboration between animator Noriko Okaku and composer/performer Helen Papaioannou, in a mixed-media animation with baritone sax and electronics, including sound design samples from Başar Ünder.
The work probes collective memory, historical events and key city sites, focusing on two old folkoric texts that describe experiences of Sheffield’s Gabriel Hounds and Kyoto’s water- weeping ginkgo tree. The exchange between the tales is mediated by the looping of the Japanese and English texts through online
translations, warping the legends into a bizarre and spectacular new mythology.
​​​​​​​ Commissioned by Sensoria Festival, UK
Performed at:  Sensoria Festival Oct, 2021
Cardiff Made, Cardiff May 2022
Cobalt Studios, New Castle, June 2022
Wharf Chambers, Leeds, August 2022
Cafe Oto, London, August 2022

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