3rd - 11th May 2024
Join me for a small private exhibition in East London, Dalston.

Reservation Requires : 
Please fill in and submit the form. And for anyone who is interested in the reading.
We will send you the confirmation and the address to your email.

I'll be unveiling my tarot-inspired piece, "The Interpreter" (2015), crafted during a residency in Derbyshire. Delving into the rich tapestry of Derbyshire's legends, folklore, and history, I meticulously created 22 collages, which were then transformed into a digital animation and a playable deck of tarot cards. While this work has exhibited galleries in the UK, Germany, Russia, and Japan, it's never before been displayed in London. This exclusive showcase offers a rare opportunity to experience it firsthand. 

Additionally, I will be offering one-to-one sessions of special short Derbyshire tarot reading. For those interested, please secure your spot by completing the form (link above) to confirm your availability, as slots are limited. (***Please note that this is not a typical tarot card reading, but rather a reading utilizing Derbyshire Tarot cards.)

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